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Sector-H, Jankipuram, Lucknow-226021
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Rules & Regulations

Parental Co-Operation

1. In all the classes, homework in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and other optional subjects is given regularly. Guardians are requested to check the diaries and help the child to complete their homework regularly.

2.Criticism of a teacher or the school in the presence of the student should be avoided.This may cause the student to lose respect for her/his teacher and the school.

3. Parents are expected to participate regularly in the school meeting or functions especially when they are invited.

4. Our school teachers do not give private tuition. Therefore,do not approach them to teach your wards privately.

5. Parents/Guardians/Visitors are not allowed to enter the class and meet the students and interview their teachers during school hours.In case of an urgent need for meeting the students or teachers, the principal to be approached.

6. Code of Conduct.

  1. Parents are required to send their ward in time to school.
  2. Presence of every child in the assembly is compulsory.
  3. The child who fails to reach the school in time and does not attend the assembly may be sent back by informing their parents.
  4. Parents should not take the child out of lucknow during school days without prior permission of the principal.
  5. Sick child may not be sent to school with medicines except in case of emergency medicine like inhalers for asthma.
  6. The child must be present in neat,clean and full uniform.
  7. Ornaments are not permitted except small ear rings for girls.
  8. Wrist watch is restricted upto class V

7. Please ensure and encourage your child to take part in all the activities of the school.

8. Parents /Guardians are earnestly requested to check the note books and school diary regularly and help the school to maintain the standard.

9. Parents should in no way dictate to the management, which has the right to say on what condition they admit or detain pupil in the school.

10.Two wheelar's are permitted for XI and XII students only after written application by the parents.

Progress Report

Parents are requested to collect and return the progress report of their ward regularly on the date announced by the school duly signed by parents within 3days . Duplicate report card will be issued again after the payment of Rs-20/.

1. No pupil will be allowed to offer any subject which is not regularly taught in the school or provided in the approved scheme of studies.

2. Absence from a subject excludes a student from being reckoned in the order of merit in the examination.

3. Students of IX,X,XI,XII may be withdrawn from the board examination on the grounds of unsatisfactory conduct,academic performance and attendance less than 75%.

4. Minimum passing percentage is 40% in all the subjects.

5. Promotions are granted according to the rules prescribed by the council.

6. Refused promotions are not reconsidered.Promotions are not granted before the final exam.

7. The evalutions of answer-script and other work done by students during an examination lies within the jurisdiction of the school.In case of doubts for grade awarded to the pupil may be re-cheked by a teacher appointed by the principal only on the written application from parents. Answer books are retained in the school only for a month after publishing the result

8.Student absent for an examination for any reason will not be re-examined.

9. Report card will be withheld for nonpayment of school dues.


1. Every application for a transfer Certificate shall be made in written by the parents or guardians on a prescribed form.

2. A transfer Certificate is not issued until all the dues are paid.

3. A fee of Rs.300/- and (Rs. 350/-for counter signature)is charged for a transfer Certificate and this will be issued only after one week of receiving an application.

4. One month written notice is required before a pupil can be withdrawn .No notice is accepted during the school vacations.If a student is withdrawn at any time later than 2 month after the commencement of a term,full fees for the rest of the term (total 12 months)will be charged.

Library Rules

1.Books will be issued and returned as per rules framed by the school.

2. Books will be issued for a definite period of time.

3. Only one book may be issued at a time.

4. Late fine Rs.1/- per book will be charged daily until the book is returned.

5. The student should point out any damage done to the book prior to getting them issued in his/her name, otherwise he/she will be charged for the damage.

6. Tearing, writing,scribbling or folding of pages in the books will be considered as damage done to books.

7. Students losing books or damaging them will be asked to pay the cost of the books.

8. The library books issued to the student must be returned before the commencement of each examinations.

Laboratories/Smart Class Rules

The school has well-equipped laboratories to facilitate experimental work in science. The following rules are to be observed in the laboratories:

1.Equipment for use in the laboratories will be issued to the students as per rules laid down by each campus.

2. No equipments is to be taken out of the laboratory.

3. Any damage to the equiment during practical done by the students may impose fine.

4. Any item issued from the laboratories must be returned after the period.

5.Any device of the smart class will not be touched by the students and any damage will impose penalty.

Displinary Action

1. The School Authorities may exercise their right of not readmitting the pupils who fail to return within three days after the two long vacations.

2. For disobedience to the clearly expressed order of the principal ,the punishment laid down is dismissal without any previous warning.

3. Irregular attendance, unsatisfactory conduct,habitual lack of interest and prolonged or intermittent illness or action detrimental to the discipline and the moral tone of the school,repeated failure in tests or examinations and in subordination are sufficient reason singly or together to expel a student without any notice or warning

4. Any damage to the school properties may impose penalty/any other displinary action.

5. Any willful breach of the regulation for the peaceful conduct of examination is punishable by expulsion from the whole examination.

Changes Of Rules

Rules and regulations mentioned herein may be changed as per the decisions of the school management .The changes will be informed by the teacher through the school diaries.

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