St Thomas Mission School

Sector-H, Jankipuram, Lucknow-226021
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Presently the school offers Nursery to Class 12th . The school is co-educational and admission is open to all irrespective of religion or caste. The minimum age for admission in Nursery-3 years, L.K.G-4 years, U.K.G-5 years as on first April.The parents/ guardian seeking admission shall submit application in the prescribed form.

Mode of Payment of Fee

1. The fee/transport charges shall be submitted by cheque / cash.

2. Fee will be collected once in three months(quarterly).

Fee should be deposited in following manners

April, May, June-in April.
July, Aug, Sep-in July.
Annual fee-in Aug.
Oct, Nov, Dec - in Oct.
Jan, Feb, March -in Jan.

3. The fee after the last date will be accepted along with a late fee of Rs 50/-per month and that can be deposited upto 20th of next month with late fee of Rs.50 extra.

4. Any cheque dishonoured will be treated under the category of non-payment of the fee and the person will have to pay a fine of Rs.200/- per student.

5. Fee can be deposited in advance for the whole academic year on or before 20th of April by availing a discount of one month fee.

6. Annual charges should be paid on or before 20th of August.

7. Those appearing in the Board Examination should clear all the dues (upto March) in January . Failure to deposit fee will entail with holding permission to the students from board exam.

8. The payment for New Admission and Re-admission will be accepted by cash only.

9. If a parent withdraws his ward in mid-session (example from July) full tuition fees shall be charged before issuing T.C.

10. A list of students whose tuition fee has not been paid in due time will be exhibited on the notice board and if dues are pending till assessment/examination then they are liable to be debarred from appearing in the terminal examination and attending school till the fee is paid.

Attendance, Absence, Fine & Re-Admission Fees

1. A minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days is required for the examination and promotion.

2.The name of a student who is absent for 15 days without leave application shall be struck off.On re-admission fee of Rs.100/-with Rs.1/- per day will be charged as "absence fine".

* In Class IX and XI no re-addmission is possible,if attendance is less than 50%.

3. A student whose name has been struck off for absence without leave application and who is habitually late or persistenly careless and indisciplined may not be re-admitted to the school in any of the Classes.

4. Every student must be present on the reopening day in new session/after vacation.If student remain absent for continuous 5 days without any information then his/her name will be struck off.

5. It is advisable to ensure that a student should not be disturbed during examination days and sholud not asked to attend social functions.

6. No student can leave the school premises during school hours without written permisssion of the Principal, which may be granted under exceptional circumstances based on the written request of parents.

7. The principal has the right to suspend the student without prior warning for disobedience, whose behaviour is detrimental to the healthy atmosphere of the school.

8. The principal may also ask parents/guardians to withdraw their child from the school if his/her conduct or educational progress is not satisfactory.

9.All entries of absence, late-coming or half-day leave should be written or mentioned in the School Diary and not on sheets or paper.

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